Westbrook or Cole over J Gordon

I was planning to start Gordon as he’s my best play overall but after Thielen’s pooper last night I’m projected to lose by 8 so thinking of starting D Westbrook or K Cole vs SF figuring they have more upside. (I do have other upside guys like Zeke, Kareem, Big Ben, Crabtree, Gronk, Jax D.)

Am I overthinking it?

Gordon and Westbrook are both decent plays. Cole is very risky and I don’t think you need that. I’d go Westbrook with the better matchup and better qb

Feel like Westbrook may have a monster today. Cole had a big week last week, but feel deDe is the true #1. I do feel like Westbrook and Gordon may have similar outings today.

I have the same situation. Worried about the weather in Chicago for Gordon. Was considering starting both Cole and Dede

LG414, i was thinking the same… and I have Fournette… lol, could be starting 3 Jags… Is that nuts or what?! haha