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What 2 FLEX options to choose from?


Options are:

  • Kelvin Benjamin
  • Dalvin Cook
  • Stefon Diggs
  • Robert Kelley
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Corey Davies


As much as starting two guys from one team sucks I think cook and Diggs would be the guys I pick


Even though they’re playing Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh?


Pittsburgh has a good pash rush but gives up big plays to WR and I personally just like cook, he gets volume touches and can break some big runs. Might not get you 20 but will be a solid play.


I see, thanks!


Cook and Davis for me. Newton doesnt look like himself or itd be Benjamin


cook and fitz. I like cook in general and I like fitz against the colts.


I’m leaning on Cook and Fitz too, but let me tell you what bothers me:
If Arizona gets the lead early, I don’t think they’ll force feed Fitzgerald with the ball.
If Pittsburgh gets the lead early, I don’t see Minnesota throwing alot.
What do you think?


I think the cardinals backfield situation now that David Johnson is gone is going to be a committee mess and Carson will have to rely on ole reliable Fitzy boy and as for the Pittsburgh question, Minnesota has a good defense so I wouldn’t lean too hard into that hypothetical situation personally.


Cook and Diggs, as much as I shy away from same team players when possible. They look great.


Thanks for the answers, guys! It helps alot! =)