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What 2 Running Backs Should I Play?


I am playing Zeke and what other 2 running backs in week 7?



Murray and gore is prob the safest two.

But I’d lean more towards Coleman and Murray(as long as Sunday he looks good to go)

I think Coleman could have a big game… They have used him alot this year… But there is always the chance he fades to the background…


I like the idea of Coleman. Is it bad that I am rooting for Demarco to sit this week out so I can play Henry? haha


Which Murray? Also I would play Coleman, the Falcons bout to get some work done.


Demarco Murray


Henry and Coleman.

Murray isn’t 100% and I think with a BYE next week I can see TEN lightening up Murray’s load to give him extra time to rest and recover.