What a lower leg contusion and how bad is it?

So Ive heard the reports but have seen no reports on how long he could possible (plz no) be out. Any idea on how long is any time he could miss?

pro football doc just posted this

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I’ve heard/seen a lot of twitter docs and analyst’s saying it could be a high ankle sprain which could be 2-4 weeks realistically. Nothing concrete yet and could be a calf or lower leg bone bruise also but i think some possible missed time either way…

they’re saying now that the injury is not serious.

Worth noting that Rapoport just stated that based on his understanding, the injury is not to his ankle and is not considered major at all.

Contusion is a medical term for bruise.
So in layman’s terms it’s a lower leg bruise

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He was spotted after the game, inside the locker room, without a noticeable limp. Coach confirmed it was a lower leg contusion right after the game so not sure where this ding-dong article came from. As always, monitor his practice reports this week, but expect this to be more of a pain management issue. The Steelers need Conner for a playoff push. They’ll put him into a hyberbaric chamber and launch it into space for the next 5 days if needed to make sure he’s on the field this Sunday. Given Conner is a cancer survivor, and has access to the best medical treatment in the world, I’d put his odds at playing this Sunday at 80-plus percent. I expect DNP on Tuesday, Wednesday…limited on Thursday and full participant on Friday. Week 14 is the first week of the playoffs in my leagues and Conner is super important in each so I’m biased obviously but that’s my read on it.

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turns out the article was right lol he’s not playing this week because of a sprained ankle