What a mess here! Desperately need help!


Ok y’all. Here’s my dilemma concerning Higgins. A huge mess here. Just lost A-Rob and Kevin White. Now got DeMarco and T West questionable. Just grabbed Higgins today. Here’s my roster. Just went 0-2 after losing A-Rob and Kevin White. Here’s my roster. What would you do??? Start/Sit Who??? Never been a FFB year that I’ve been so lost!!! Dammit!!!
T West

Forgot to add Shady starting.

How many teams in the league?

TY LuccasG. Ten…full PPR

Yea you have a big mess in your hand, but I think the best for you is to just sit tight… any trade that you make will be at selling low. I would start by looking at the waiver looking for some RB’s and maybe a WR. Don’t worry about Murray and Counsins they will get back to form, McCoy idk he hasn’t looked the same BUT we all know he has the skill to be a top 5 RB. You kinda need Bradford to be back this week; I think thielen will be very good with him. Yea I’m sorry I can’t help much but I think you should wait a week or two hope that your players have bounce back games as maybe look for a trade. I might start wentz over cousins and Higgins over Thielen (if Bradford is out) and maybe even Pryor (I also have Pryor and until cousins gets going aw won’t see what we want from pryor) BUT if you look at the stats cousins is a slow starter but eventually will be a top 5 QB

TY LuccasG for your feedback. Yeah…as far as Cousins…yep…had him last two years. He’s a def!!! As for RB’s…WW is empty. Our league is big on RB’s. The best ones get snatched up quick and early. And always leave the WW empty. And yeah…Shady…who’s always pulled me out of a tough week…sigh…anyway. Agreed, about my Min guys…Bradford’s got me in a mess. TY for your thoughts LuccasG. Agree that my only choice here seems to just hope like all get-out that I can hope not to go 0-3. NEVER BEEN THERE!!! lol Still just not sure what to do with Higgins.

OK. y’all…gotta shut down for now. Early day tomorrow. But please keep feeding the info. Will check back ASAP. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Can’t afford to go 0-3!!!