What about Dem Jets?

Hey Footclan, I need help.

I drafted Robbie Anderson and Lev Bell and anderson is finally paying off. However I also have Dak and picked up Darnold (best option) to replace him as his schedule is rough coming up. The Jets have a great schedule. I also grabbed Herndon for a TE and jets D.

So now i can either roll out the Jets for their insane schedule and pass the deadline, or make some trades.
This is the stack of all stacks…:
Darnold, Anderson, Bell, Herndon, JetsD.

Who would you trade? Or would you roll the dice. The Schedule is other worldly and with Darnold they are a good team. well, better team.

That’s too much capital invested in a single team IMO. Severely limits your upside. If they have a bad week, which they’re likely to do this week, your whole week is shot.

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I wouldn’t want that much of the Jets. I agree their schedule is nice, but I wouldn’t want 5 players from the same team at once unless it was the Chiefs or Pats or similar offense.

Questionable even in that case lol, but definitely makes more sense than the Jets.

Last year if you had Maholmes, Hunt (before he got suspended), Hill, and Kelce you were a first place team.

For sure. I’d also say that was an outlier, however. More often than not, having that many pieces of one offense will not work out for you

Agreed, has to be the perfect scenario. This year Dallas and Seattle might be the rare ones, QB, RB, WR, DEF (at least for Dallas). But they are about the only ones. And KC with QB, WR, TE

I would keep Bell and Anderson

Yeah I was trying to think if there are any this year. New England is a possibility if you had Brady, White, Edelman, and Pats D. (Assuming PPR scoring)

Seattle was before Dissley went down: Wilson, Carson, Lockett, and Dissley.

Very true. Even in these scenarios we’re naming, it’s only 3-4 players from better offenses than the Jets. 5 players from the Jets is not a good idea IMO. So just to answer the OP’s question, I would be trying to make some moves to diversify your roster.

Ya it feels dirty looking at that many jets… but this week I dont have Darnold or their D in, just anderson and bell. But next week when they take on Jax, Miami, Giants, Skins, Oak, Cinci, Miami… Then its tempting. I would prefer a different QB and TE and even D but they were just the best availalbe. I have Lions D and Dak at qb this week. Well see how they do. I think ill try and package Darnold and Herndon in trades.