What am I supposed to do with Cam Newton and O.J. Howard?

How should I handle the Cam Newton situation as a superflex owner? My other QBs are Matt Ryan and Josh Allen. Ideally I would trade Newton for another QB but I can’t see how anybody would want to trade for him right now, and if I were to cut him the only guys on free agency would be guys like Brissett, Flacco, Keenum, Minshew, Fitzpatrick, etc. And sadly enough I’m also the O.J. Howard owner. I picked up Darren Waller (don’t ask me how he was still available) immediately after Thursday night’s game was over and I saw that O.J. Howard not only scored zero points, but he had ZERO TARGETS. I don’t really know what to do with O.J. Howard now but at least I have Waller on my team for future weeks. I’m already about to go 0-2 solely because of Cam and O.J. and its frustrating as hell. Thank you for any advice.

I’m in same situation but I also have Jameis. :rofl: if it was me I’d wait on Cam to get a little more value since Allen and Ryan should be great while Cam recovers. But if Came struggles one more week…then try to package him with another asset or move on to a Stafford / upside QB.

If you can float one more week with OJ than do it and cut if he flops again. But if a possible stud comes on waivers after Week 2 injuries drop him.

My two cents…

Wish I had Waller but I’m in a league of Sharps this year!

Jameis Winston has proven time and time again that he has zero talent whatsoever yet Tampa Bay’s staff has shown that they believe in him more than they believe in an athletic freak like O.J. Howard, smh. Can’t imagine owning both Cam and Jameis right now. Ron Rivera and Bruce Arians clearly don’t know what they’re doing right now. That game was hard to watch.

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I’m dumping Cam he can be someone else problem. I have Allen and I pick some up each week.

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Can’t fault you for cutting Cam if you have Allen. I cut jameis in another league where Allen was available.

I’ll probably keep him on my bench for another week or two and then try to trade him if he has a big game. If he keeps doing what he’s done for the first two weeks then I’ll definitely be cutting him.