What are my chances looking like?

Me and my opponent are tied. I have the Pats D and he has the Pats kicker. Does my defense outscore his kicker vs the Bills?

coin flip, I want to lean towards the Kicker, but the Bills are primed for turnovers and one or two could result in scores.

I have to lean toward kicker as well, I hate them because they always seem to put up a lot of points in clutch situations, Expect your defense to have 8+ and just hope the Patriots score TDs and have less FGs

I’d lean heavily towards the defense. They could put up a big number tonight. The ceiling for the Pats D vs the Buffalo Offense is significantly higher that the kicker IMO.

If is makes you feel any better, I am 33 points up in 1/2 PPR, going against Barner, and we get points for carries, first downs, and long plays… I am not feeling good based on how well NE is playing and how poorly the Bills are playing… Pats are moving the ball and expect easily 2 goal line TD’s, if not a 3rd on a broken play killing clock…

Seems like a coin flip to me. I’m in a similar spot. I need McCoy to score less than 8 to win tonight. Any chance they hold him out as a precaution in advance of the trade deadline?

Routing for you. I need >9.5 from the Pats D to win my match up.

I need 17 points from the Pats D in both my matchups, cmon pick sixes!

Gostkowski is such a monster, I mean he’s picked around the time top defenses start going in most drafts, like 7-9 round if not the 6th.

I would love to see some pick 6’s. There should be plenty of opportunity between the Bills’ weak offense and the Pats savvy scheming…

How did you make out? Pats D did pretty good!

I sneaked by in both matchups because of the Pats D! Will definitely be stashing for week 16.

No offense, but i can’t believe anyone expected the kicker to out produce the Pats D with such a juicy matchup against the Bills.