What are my chances tonight?

I needed Dallas kicker Maher to outscore Derrick Henry by 0.9 pts. Maher opens with a missed field goal. What are my chances of winning?

Still decent. Henry sucks. If lewis fumbles again though it might be hard.

Not looking good, sorry.

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Yeah, the TD hurt

You can thank Dak. For throwing an INT in the redzone. TOtally changed momentum of the game. Should be up 14-0 right now and Henry basically wouldn’t have seen much action rest of the game.


Yeah. Was really hoping they would take a page from the Packers playbook and throw it 3 times at the goal line…

That’s the thing about a Henry/Blount type player. As horrible as they are, all it takes is a single trip within the 3 yard line for them to be relevant.

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And that’s why I don’t own them.

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Never will.

I knew that coming in and that was the one thing I was afraid of

The thing is that is the only weakness in dallas’s D is goal line stand and short yardage. They are built on speed and small guys. So once titans get into that position, they are always going to run it up the gut to score.

Projected win by 2 goes to a projected loss by 5 after the TD

Yeah it’ll be a practical miracle for you to win now, especially after he missed his first shot. Means they may go for it on the 50+ opportunity later in the game.

A miracle seems to be overstating it a bit, but I get the point.

I was thinking I’d be right back in it with a Henry fumble. As inefficient as he’s been this year, he’s fumbled the ball…zero times. He’s no Alex Collins.

Pulling for you man.