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What are my team's weakness? Half PPR


12 team .5 PPR league Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WR-TE flex, no negative points (e.g ints don’t matter hence why I have Kizer)
I am currently in first but I don’t think I can sustain wins much longer. I know I need QB help but waviers are thin as there are only a 9 starters available (Dalton, Cutter, Flacco, Hoyer, McCown, Bortles, Brissett, Glennon, and D.Watson) unless Bortles or Glennon get benched. My league rarely trades unless you are willing to over pay, IMO. but I am willing to move pieces around to better my team. Do I hold for a while or do I go get some RB depth and what do I give up?

My Team:

Ty Montgomery
C. Thompson

Keenan Allen

I was thinking of offering West and Martavis or Thompson for Mixon and Stafford. Thoughts?


I like the idea of selling West. Going down hill fast with Allen so hot. I would also agree dealing Martavius, but I an not a fan of inconsistent guys so probably biased.

I would go for more than Mixon though. He hasn’t done anything and their O-line is not good. Not getting better either. Stafford would be a nice add, but look to pair him with someone else IMO.


I agree with DJ Cheeseburger once again.


Thanks for the help appreciate it @EddieLacys_Sound_Guy @TheFantasyDesperado