What are people doing with Connor, Mixon and Michel?

Last night Connor did awesome for the first time of the season, Mixon showed he’s a really good player but most runs he gets hit in the backfield and doesn’t have a chance and Michel just confuses me lol.
Do I shop Connor or does he have more big games to come? Should I be patient with Michel and Mixon or try and get rid of them?

Thanks in advance footclan!

I’m wondering with conner too. He should have big games the rest of the year because Rudolph likes to dump passes, but samuels is a legit threat for a possible committee

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Yea Samuels got a bunch of touches yesterday and vultured a TD to, but I think Samuels got some extra carries cuz Connor went down for a bit and they were up by a bunch…at least I’m hoping because RB by committee would suck

Why don’t they just line two backs up every play? Have samuels line up as a receiver

They might try something like that, they even had a bunch of wildcat formation plays, jet sweeps where they lined up Samuels or Connors as receivers then they swept across for the ball, they had a bunch of different looks not the traditional Steelers offensive play calling