What are people doing with DJax?

I’ve been holding him waiting and waiting and waiting.

I dropped him for lazard. I have Godwin, McLaurin, Fuller, Beasley, and Adams on standby. I’m sick of waiting and have Adams out too. If the lazard thing is real I don’t want to miss out on the second half Chark

Yeah. I’m sick of waiting. He was a never a guy I intended to use as a starter but was going to use him as a flex in plus matchups.

I’ve not dropped him Anywhere and I have him on maybe 5 teams.

What am I doing ?

I really wanted to keep him and was halfway expecting him to come back this week. When the news of maybe “another 2 or 3 weeks” came out today I was done. Worst part is djax is dragging down Wentz. 20 a game is dope but I need a 25-30 occasionally

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