What are the advantages and disadvantages of drafting 2 guys from the same team?

example: in a draft if i had relatively back to back picks. I could get Thielen and Diggs

Would need allot more info on the league settings, is it PPR and how many teams?

Interesting move with these 2 as maybe they can formulate a duo similar to Kamara and Ingram last year, but out the WR hole. Obviously the #s wouldn’t be as high, but both have top 15 finish capability.

It caps your upside and rarely works out. Very few QBs can support 2x WR1s. When drafing guys on same team, I would much rather stack a QB/WR combo than a skilled position combo like RB/WR or WR/WR. Very few exceptions to that rule have been the Broncos with Peyton and Sanders/DT for example. But generally, stacking skilled positions is a big nono.

im with @MikeMeUpp
it could be sweet to double down on QB/WR in certain weeks…but in the WR/WR or RB/WR scenarios the fact alone that every drive one of my starters can’t score a td is no situation i like to have!

it have to be a really good tandem to justify such moves…if im remember right, there is a discussion going on in the forum about melvin/keenan…cause its possible to get them near the turn in this years redrafts! dont know for sure whats the conclusio was…!?

for me personally i try to avoid these situations