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What are the differences in draft strategies for a redraft 10 team vs. 12 team


how much different does a 10 man league change your draft strategy? with 2 flex (rb,wr,te) instead of 1


I don’t think it really does. I’ve only done 10 and 12 team leagues, never considered doing anything different. Your rankings and tiers won’t change.


With 10 team leagues there’s more talent to pull from. I think the only difference would be you don’t necessarily need to “reach” on some guys like you do in a 12 team league when the talent pool starts running low a bit sooner.


I take 2 RBs in the first two rounds in 10 team. It puts 28 to 30 additional players back in the free agency pool and the majority of those are WRs. It makes streaming WR2 or WR3 a lot more doable.


In 12 you might look at RBs early more seriously since the chance of getting 2 high end ones is very limited. In 10 team leagues I’ve been known to go WR/WR/WR on occasion (usually just WR/WR but its all situational) where in 12 if you do that, this year your looking at guys like Powell as an RB1. I like Powell but not as my guy at RB1.