What are two future 1st’s worth in an innagural dynasty draft

What should I be getting in return?

Are the two future firsts both 2019 picks? Or a 2019 and a 2020?

How many teams?

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12 team, 2019, 2021

He’s offering a 1st next year and a 2nd in 2020 as of now but that’s too low I think?

What is this offer for from your team?

My 3rd round pick. 36th overall.

I told him he could lock down Carson wentz for 10 years, lol

A 2021 1st is discounted and therefore not equal to a 2019 1st.

By no means is this an accepted or known formula. But I would say a 2020 1st is worth 75% of a 2019 1st. And a 2021 1st is worth 50% of a 2019 1st.

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I would def not trade my 3rd round startup for future firsts.

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He countered with this
I get next years 1st rounder, and his 5.05 in the inaugural.

I give him my 3.12 and a second round pick next year.

Should I counter with removing my future pick from the deal?

Hard to comment, because I have a general startup strategy.

I typically want to keep my first 3 round picks. They can move up or down, but I want 3 players from the top 36 as these are the most important players (to that end if someone wants one of those picks - they are paying a premium. If they are not prepared to do so then no trade. That’s not extortion, it’s just value.)

Then I trade my 4-6 to get as many, hopefully multiple picks back in the 7-9 rounds.

Ultimately, a 2019 1st and a 5th startup is not bad return for a late 3rd startup. The future 2nd doesn’t mean much compared to the other assets. If you can get it out, then try. I think I might make that deal.


I really enjoy that strategy honestly… do you try and sell most of those picks 4-7? See we are drafting third round reversal so I do have the 4.01… which I could keep as my “3rd” staying consistent with your strategy.

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Yeah, I normally end up with a 1, 2, 3, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9. Or something to that effect.

With the 4.01, I’d say go for it then.

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Ok, I’m gonna try to pull the trigger. I feel pretty confident in your expertise. Just to double check, I’ll be getting his 5.05 (which I will probably try to pawn later, per your advise) along with his 1st round pick in 2019 by means of sending my 3.12 and possibly a second round pick of my own. If that sounds right to you then I’ll pull the trigger.

Also, once I acquire these late picks for my 4-7’s… what is your long-play strategy. Do you focus on something in particular when it comes to rookie drafts or prospects? I think a lot of the owners are gunning for a “win now” mentality. I also should mention this isn’t a true dynasty, but rather a slight hybrid. We have a growing jackpot built in, and once an owner wins back-to-back championships, they get the jackpot and the league starts over from scratch.

I added this because obviously your strategy focuses a great deal on the future. And I’m not sure how this hybrid scheme would impact that. Also, who do you target with your plethora of later picks? Do you keep it pretty evenly balance between productivity and age? Or do you go youth? Or do you go readily playable veterans?

I don’t necessarily focus on any individual players or positions. But the theory behind the strategy is value based drafting - or a hybrid of it.

The players in the top three rounds are the best players, the blue-chip players. They win championships. I have found that there is a drop off in talent in approx the 4th round. The difference between a 4th round and 7th round WR is much smaller then from a 1st round to the 4th round.

So get you blue-chip guys, then load up on depth. You can then pivot in future years to sell guys for a rebuild or trade depth for starters to make a push.

Please note that this is what I do and it has been effective. My most resent draft worked out where I pivoted to rebuild and it’s currently my favorite team. Going to take one more year to make something of it. But it’s just that, a strategy. Good luck with it!

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Thanks for all the advice! I’m confident to make this trade now! Do you think I’d be winning this trade decisively or is it just a bit of extra value to play around with?

While I have your attention, humor me if you would. I’m torn between Gurley and Nuk with my 1.01. What would you do with the first overall? Given this is gonna be a league full of owners that are leaning “win now” when it comes to strategy. Normally I’d take Nuk but I think I’m over thinking it?

I’m a OBJ guy with the 1.01.

If you are deciding between Gurley and Hopkins, I don’t think you can go wrong. I would always go WR though.

Bad news… the trade talks got away from me and we no longer have a deal in place. Word got out and someone is offering this:

I receive a 7th, 8th, 10th and 2019 first rounder

I give up my 3.12, 6th rounder