What are you doing with OJ Howard

I know it’s only week 2 but he really hasn’t been used at all. Everyone knew that Arians doesn’t utilize his tight ends but all of our thinking was, “Howard is a talent. He HAS to be used.”
It’s not happening- not sure if I have the patience to keep Howard on my team.

I’m seriously debating dropping him for Greg Olsen since Cam is such a great passer…sarcasm.

What are you Howard owners doing?

Not to well, especially because I passed on engram thinking the same thing. I am going to target Hock or Waller this week heavy in trades because going the whole season with a dud TE is actually the worst

As a Hunter Henry owner who is now streaming Jimmy Graham I’d be willing to pick him up if he gets cut. Its not looking too good for him right now but I’d risk a swing and a miss

I will be squeezing OJ out of my lineups. BWWWAAAHHHAA.

Own OJ Howard in two leagues. On one team I am looking at either cutting him and adding Jimmy Graham, or cutting another bench player (Washington or John Ross) and adding Ebron or Graham. Since WRs are easier to find I will likely cut the WR and roster OJ with hope he either improves and I can start him again or I can at least trade him for value.

On the other team, I will either cut a backup WR (Trequan Smith or Goodwin, or my 3rd Qb Daniel Jones (its a SF so you have to roster at least 2 QBs) and add Graham, Doyle, or Rudolph. And same, keep OJ with hope it gets better.

This sucks doesn’t it?

On my bench I know I have way too many RBs but I am so bullish at getting rid of them. IF I can pull a two for 1 trade I might pick up a back up TE but I’m also hesitant on that. As I mentioned, dropping him for Greg Olsen might be my best bet.