What are you doing with Sony?!

What do you do with Sony?

He just been game script from the blow outs or what? They did just lose declining so maybe that’ll help?

im here to see what others think, i own him in regrettably 3 leagues, loved him last year and was hoping for some more. im trying to package trade him this week in at least one league.

If you have other RBs I think you’re fine with Sony and see what happens. If Sony was to be your top RB I would seek a trade. Pats do gameplay depending on matchups the most in football not like all other teams that want their star players out there. Consistency would worry me as an owner.

Holding him for now. Hoping for better days

I just wish that he would have one big game of 15+ so others might be interested. I can’t find a buyer for him at all