What are your Draft regrets?

As we’re entering December and Playoff season, I figure it’s about that time to reflect on our drafts and discuss who we may regret drafting? Although you may not win your league at the draft, I firmly believe it is possible to lose your league at the draft especially if you end up with all of the players that get injured. I’ll start!

I drafted Jordan Howard (2x), Amari Cooper (2x), Trey Burton (2x), Jay Ajayi, and Marshawn Lynch. Luckily I managed some trades this year, but that wasn’t the case last year.

Last year, my draft went as follows: Demarco Murray (hamstring injury), Mike Evans (Winston effect), Dalvin Cook (ACL), and Amari Cooper (I’ve since learned, I swear).

Let this place be a safe space where we can share in our draft day blunders!

Another shameful bump - just hoping to spark conversation for those who want it!

I also drafter Jordan Howard (2x), Devonta Freeman, Fournette which is finally paying off, Baldwin as my first WR of the draft, Larry Fitz, Trey Burton but I haven’t hated it…although Brate is still available and am debating just dropping him Burton. Also Gronk has been a huge let down. OH! Almost forgot…drank too much scotch towards the end and drafted Ingram and was pissed that I did and dropped him immediately. New rule, no more drafting or checking waivers while drinking.

In the one league that I’m in I drafted such busts that I went 1-5 beginning of season,. I made so many moves that my team is no where the team I drafted originally.

The second team is doing…mediocre- in the playoff run but that’s where most of my hurt players resided.

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Ahhh! My whiskey powered me to draft James Conner in all final rounds of my drafts!!! I think you just gotta switch your beverage choice up! Rye whiskey. Really fuels the fantasy football brain hahahaha