What are your Expectations for McCaffery tonight?

Im up by 37pts and I still have my Kicker “Will Lutz” to play tonight

My opponent has McCaffery and Saints Defence…

Half Point PPR…

What are my chances I pull this off? and how many times is McCaffery gonna give me a heart attack tonight lol?

90% IMO. I’m also facing CMC. A twisted ankle in the 1st quarter would be nice. :slight_smile:

oh my god that would be the best thing in the world if he did that… Not for ppl who need him but for me it would be amazing lol… Personally I feel like im gonna lose this week but we will see I guess… Imma big Saints fan tonight though… GO SAINTS lol

I’m up 50 against him in full point ppr/tiered bonus system and I don’t feel safe. :stuck_out_tongue:

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