What are your expectations of Ingram this season?

Will they use Ingram as much as last year? I know they don’t want to use Kamara as much as they have for the season so Ingram definitely has value. My question is will he be as valuable as last season?
Kamara owner here, not sure if I should grab him yet. I was offered my Howard for his Ingram and Javorius Allen (I’d have to drop either K.Cole, or L. Miller)

I have RB: Kamara, DJ, Michel, Hyde, Miller, Ekeler
WR: Sanders, Diggs, Cole

10 man league full PPR

Middling RB 2 that is more than just touchdown dependent as he catches passes a good bit on the screen game. His production just hasn’t been as good since Kamara took over as the main back last season, but you can see where they have missed him at times so far this season.

I’d try to trade some of your backs for a WR1.

i offered the 0-4 AB owner hyde and howard for AB (who is struggling at HB). He said he’d consider and has continued to basically ignore me the whole week lol

Up it to DJ

also i don’t really see what you’re saying about ingram being TD dependent. Last season he finished at RB6 and Kamara emerged week 4.


Read what I typed. I said he’s ‘more than just touchdown dependent as he did a lot in the screen game’ that indicates his value is more in PPR.

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Ingram’s main function is to pound and soften defenses. He’ll get some token swing and screens but he is there to wear down defenses. It takes a good amount of touches to make that happen. At least 15 a game.

It’s probably the most balanced RB attack in the NFL when it works. He is also in a contract year, his last hitch.

You can start Kamara and Ingram. I tried to get Ingram but the price was too steep. He’s going to be a low RB1/ high RB2 every week.

my bad you did say that, but it doesn’t really agree with your other statement. Like I said his production has been Rb1 level regardless of Kamara.

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Is it worth locking up Ingram in my position? I think I’m getting pretty good value right now considering howard’s performances have been mid tier RB2 level. I can see Howard picking it back up but he struggles against good defenses. Maybe he’ll be better this season since he has been catching out the backfield more. But then again Cohen just went off, so there’s that question mark too.

I’m a Kamara owner this year so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

But I was an Ingram owner last year and I was somewhat nervous every week rolling him out with what Kamara was doing. I watched all the games on red zone and would track what he was doing live each week. There were plenty of weeks that were disappointing that were saved by long td runs or multiple scores.

He’s going to have value but I just have a feeling it’s going To be more of a low end RB2. He’ll have blow up weeks but I think he’ll also have more than a couple pretty disappointing ones.

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His RB 1 production dropped a good bit after Kamara became a thing last year around what the 4th or 5th week. A good chunk of his offensive output was before that. The only times I think he was a RB1 after that were games where he had multiple touchdowns and you can’t bank on that to happen in fantasy.

I gladly say start him, but I have him mid-RB2 category not low end 1 or high 2.

Actually its the opposite. Ingram posted these points weeks 1-4: 11,11,10,9 full PPR

im going to look into this right now, if this is the case i may hold off on ingram. But then again if ingram balls out monday night it could be really hard to obtain him

But he had 12 TD’s in week 6-16 after his week 5 bye last year. That’s not going to happen again this year I don’t think.

I think he’s going to get less work this year compared to last. Kamara has proven how much he can do as a rusher and pass catcher without him. He’s a nice addition for the saints but I don’t think he puts up anywhere close to the numbers he did last year.

yeah he kinda did have a career year last season. looks like im going to skip out on ingram

i would take that given your rb depth. you don’t need either one of them and i think the bigger upside appeal is in ingram. he’s on the better offense, to say the least. plus, i don’t think the saints will hesitate to work him hard if they can afford to do it with the major benefit of preserving kamara, since this is ingram’s last year with the saints unless they decide to sign him to a new contract (which is unlikely given his age and needing cap space to keep kamara when the time comes). i could be wrong, but based on their career numbers and their respective teams/schedules, i think i like Ingram’s potential more.