What are your thoughts on my team?

First of all just a few sage words of advice:

  1. If possible, never draft this early in the season. Unfortunetly my friends had only end of July open to all get together hence we drafted first week of mini camp.

  2. Don’t go into an auction draft with a strategy, zig while they zag.

#2 really hurt me this year. Below is my team - got burnt on the RB side. How would you improve it moving forward?

League: 10 teams .5ppr, Auction

QB: Russell Wilson
RB: Joe Mixon
RB: Alex Collins
WR: Devante Adams
WR: Stefan Diggs
Flex: Doug Baldwin
TE: Evan Engram
B: Kirk Cousins
B: Sony Michel
B: Marvin Jones
B: Will Fuller
B: Cameron Meredith
B: Anthony Miller
B: Ty Montgomery
B: Jonathan Wilkins

  • I had dropped D/ST and K to pick up two extra people before the season starts.

My knee jerk reaction to your team is overall I like it. You have a lot to work with 2 solid QB’s and a strong WR core. RB needs some help. I would try to flip possibly Marvin Jones or Will Fuller for some RB depth. Maybe find an owner with a high upside rookie RB he’d be willing to trade away.

I like your receivers, and your starting backs aren’t TERRIBLE, but I’d try and add some depth at the RB position - likely at the expense of your backup QB. Not that you’re going to need him most weeks as Wilson is my #2 QB and will likely push Rodgers for the top spot.

If you need to build a package, maybe a guy like Fuller could be used to shift some value in your favor. With Adams/Diggs/Baldwin/Jones… it’s unlikely you’ll use much of Fuller, Meredith, and Miller, and Fuller would probably get you more value back than the other two.