What are your thoughts on this trade offer?

10 team, PPR.

My team:
QB – Brees
R B – DJ / Mixon / T.Coleman / Drake / Hines
WR – M.Thomas / Adams/ DT / Golladay / Fuller
TE – Ertz / Burton

Started 0-4, coming off 2 wins in a row.

Because of byes and injuries, a buddy in the league (who I haven’t played yet) is desperate for WR and TE this week. His 2 TEs are both on bye (I know…?) and other than AJ Green, his other rostered WR are Ginn, Garcon, and M. Williams. His team:

QB – Rodgers
RB – Gurley / McCaff / D. Freeman / C. Carson / Ekeler
WR – Green / Garcon / Ginn / M. Williams
TE – Graham / McDonald

I like my team, but I would like a little RB depth.

I’m thinking of offering him Fuller, Burton, and T. Coleman for McCaff. My thoughts, he’d have a TE this week, a formidable WR (though he’s stunk the last couple weeks) and Coleman (who’s starting Wk 7) to handcuff with Freeman. No guarantee he’ll accept, but is this enough? Too much? Fair? Unfair? Or is my team fine and I should stand pat?

Appreciate any thoughts, and sorry for long post. :slight_smile:

If Fuller’s value is too low, I could also swap him out of the offer for DT, since his last couple games have been decent (and better than Fuller’s)

I’d probably offer DT instead and see what happens

I appreciate the input. So I offered him Fuller, T. Coleman, and Burton <<>>> McCafferey

He countered with Demaryius, Drake, and Burton <<>> McCafferey