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What can Gronk do for me?


I have Gronk and Ertz in a 12 team PPR league and could really use help at WR. A guy in my league has suffered through 2 bad weeks with Graham. He is stout at WR with AJ Green, Evans, Crowder, and a couple others.

Should I ask for AJ straight up for Gronk? Will the Bengals come out of this funk? Or should I stay with Tyreek, Watkins, Martavus, and Golladay?


I think you should go for it. You should be fine with Ertz. I got to believe that Green gets at least 1000 yards this year whereas Watkins, Martavus, and Golladay probably won’t.


I agree straight swap for green bad few weeks but he’s up there with the elite wr, Ertz will be solid and gronk will get injured at some point no doubt


Thanks all, it is good to see that I am not totally out to lunch.

So I sent the offer and he wants a little extra. He mentioned Derrick Henry, but that would hurt my RB depth. I countered with Golladay. Hope that works.