What can I change with my team

Hi footclan,

my team right now in my 14 man standard league is
QB: Andy Dalton, Alex Smith
RB: Zeke, Lesean Mccoy, Theo Riddick
WR: Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks, Funchess
TE: Engram, ASJ

What should I do to my team? I feel very strong at WR position but weak at RB. Who should I be targeting?


I think that is pretty solid and wouldnt want to get rid of anyone particularly. Once Engram is back you can try to get another rb (someone like hines or lindsay that is breaking out?)

Allen and McCoy have had bad starts but theyre bound to put some good games together

trade cooks for a rb

my only worry with that is that then I will be playing funchess in the flex. I think I would rather have quality rather than quantity