What can I do to improve my team?

I had an amazing draft and it went exactly how I had planned. Now I’m 4-1 but I am definitely not a top tier team. I have gotten lucky over the first 5 weeks of the season. Here is is my roster below. What do y’all think I can do to improve my team?

I am trying to acquire CEH but the only thing he would be willing to do would be my Michael Thomas + Antonio Gibson for his CEH + Dionte Johnson/ Will Fuller. I’m contemplating the CEH+Fuller but I can’t seem to do it. And this is all contingent on where Bell would sign too.

Hold out till next week and thomas will come back, don’t sell low on him now that you’ve waited this long for him to return. You absolutely don’t need 3 TE’s, so i’d either try and sell high on Tonyan or roll with Tonyan and sell Hurst in a package with either Chark, Moore, or Drake to get a more conistent RB2, like in the Gurley/Connor/Taylor range, or due to your record you could afford to eat an L or 2 and you could target the Chubb owner and see if he’ll sell him low to use someone now

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I would start by trying to get a different QB, love Stafford, super talented but I feel like he doesn’t have enough talent around him to really succeed. Otherwise your team isn’t terrible.

I’ve tried with Chubb and I’ve tried to deal all of TEs lol last season I made like the greatest trades ever and ended up with a loaded team that consisted of : Winston, Cook, Carson, MT, Evans, Kupp, Parker, Hooper, PIT DST. I feel like after last year no one wants to trade with me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I don’t think it’s terrible either but it sucks cus it seems like my entire team is like a buy-low firesale. The guy who has Cook has sent me an offer of Crowder and then Landry for Mattison. I was wanting to try and trade Mattison plus Stafford or Mattison plus a WR for Adams. Idk if he’d do either o of those but I’d rather take the big game from Mattison on the week.

The only thing I’d add to this advice is I’d also try to move Drake for something a bit more reliable if you can, possibly as a bump for that trade to get a higher tier RB (maybe a Hunt or Carson if the manager needs WR depth)