What can I do to improve

Hi everyone,

I am in a 14 man Standard League. I’m pretty happy with my team rn, but was wondering if there is anything I can do to improve.

QB: Dalton (streaming)
RB: Zeke, Thompson, McCoy, Juszcyk, Ivory, Rod Smith
WR: AB, Keenan Allen, Cooks, Snead
TE: Brate, Engram
D/St: Rams

Thanks for all the feedback in advance!!

Would love some feedback please!!!

Hey man teams looking pretty good … if it were me it look at getting rid of Shady if possible …I personally am not a streaming QB guy I like to have a go to #1 guy that just my opion i Ike to stream D

Maybe should I target a good QB like newton or Brady and then go McCoy for them and a running back?

Newton would be pretty nice forsure he’s like a RB anyway lol

I just made a trade so my team now stands as so

QB: Dalton (streaming)
RB: Zeke, Thompson, royce freeman, Juszcyk, Rod Smith
WR: AB, julio jones, Cooks, Snead
TE: Gronk
D/St: Rams


@MikeMeUpp Anything you think I can do to improve after this trade?

Acquire more RB depth. You’re RB2 slot is very shotty. THompson is injury prone and freeman is a TD or bust guy. Try and grab aaron Jones/Michel type players.

Julio is nice pick up but noooooo Gronk he’s awful man bad pick up there

How is Gronk awful?

Sounds like you’ve only seen gronk play 3 games his entire career.

Gronk will be TE1 from here on out. I’d happily bet on it. Great buy low opportunity right now. Give me all the shares of gronk.

Hahahha … always been a big Gronk hater I like Ertz or Kelce as my TEs can’t stand Gronk !!! Each to their own!!