What can you get for Edmunds

Think the DJ owner would give up someone like Golloday for him…

It’s hard to say without knowing the rest of their roster.

He has quite a few WR.

His RB are Carson , Hyde, DJ , Mattison.

I would ask him what he would be willing to part with. Then whatever he says ask if he would be willing to trade someone a little better.

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Will try for Golloday.

Wish they would say what DJ really has as hate trading an RB but Edmunds has a pretty crap schedule coming up.

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Bumping. Thanks

Just ask and you will know

What’s your RB situation and record?


Zeke, Conner, R Freeman, Lat Murray , M Sanders, Edmunds

Godwin, Cooks, Gallup, Ridley.


Golliday is a good offer or I’d trade him with cooks or Gallup for even a higher level wr or rb1.

Assuming you can only start two wr and a flex.

Hi yes 2 WR and Flex

He is pretty thin at RB. Carson , DJ, Hyde, Mattison.

Any other opinions appreciated

Was offered below

Receive Carson and Golloday

Give Conner, Edmunds, Gallup