What could I package for Ertz?

WRs - MThomas, Kupp, Boyd, Ridley, JBrown, Keke
RBs - CMC, Mixon, Michel
TEs - Burton, Ebron

Or should I just roll with what I have?

Were is the Ertz owner weak? Off the head, I’d say package Boyd or Brown with Burton or Ebron, if you can make that work. If you have to go up to Kupp, you could still make that trade with your WR depth. If he isn’t in need of WRs, you’re probably shit out of luck.

ya his WRs are Edleman, AB, and Sanders soooooo ya probably SOL

He is pretty weak at RB though but I don’t want to let go of any of my RBs

I think sell the hype on Boyd and whatever TE he wants or both i wouldn’t mind. Boyd will struggle without Green there to draw coverage. I don’t really like giving up any of your RBs or other WRs i wouldn’t feel like the return of Ertz is better than Kupp (obviously MT is a no) or any of those RBs IMO.
If he wont take Boyd/Ridley and a TE i’d leave it

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awesome thank you!