What crazy trade did you almost do that would’ve costed you?

My Bad trade that I ALMOST SENT was A.Kamara for Keenan Allen
It had been the game he sucked and I was 1-4 after that I then decided to try and double up points with my Rivers and getting Allen , But the person I beat tonight was the guy with ALLEN (ON BYE) and I won because I KEPT KAMARA! Crazy outcomes in my leagues but now I’m 4-4 coming for a title !


Every week I think about trading Gurley.

Granted I doubt any trade I put him in would be bad for me, but getting rid of Gurley just seems like something that would ruin my team even if I pull in a King’s Ransom.

8-0 though, so I guess I will be okay.

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Tried to trade Yeldon and Fournette for Bell a few weeks ago. Yeldon won me a couple of games and if Fournette returns I have a real shot. I don’t think Bell is returning at this point.


Baldwin-Conner for Larry Fitzgerald right before week 1.

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Oh wow. You probably deserved to lose this one just for thinking abt abandoning Alvin like that in the first place lol. Kidding of course, good to hear you kept him and won’t have to endure a sinking feeling in your stomach all season long every single time he breaks out after first contact Into the open field or dives into the end zone (many more times).


Oh gosh, where to even begin…all i can say is, as frustrating as an anti-trade league is, thank god some of these people were too stubborn to make any swaps.

Week 1 i offered OBJ+Drake for a lev bell that was “supposedly” going to be here any day.

Week 5 i offered Josh G + Phil Lindsey for Devonta Freeman, who was placed on IR only a week or 2 later

Week 6 i again went back to lev bell and offered OBJ+Lindsey shortly after his announcement that he’d be back after the bye

Week 7 i offered OBJ, Lindsey, and Cook for Mixon+Cooks. This one wasn’t as bad, but OBJ, Lindsey, and Cook all just had STELLAR week 8 performances for me and readily handed me the W.

All these “what if” trades that almost went through and didn’t (none of these offered to me, all of them me offering to them lol) and heading into week 9 in Third Place @ 6-2 :laughing: