What D/ST to play this week?

Eagles @ Cowboys
Bengals @ Broncos

I think the Bengals at the Broncos is a top 3 play on the week. Yes, the cowboys aren’t the same powerhouse as normal without Zeke and Tyrone Smith, but they are still an above average offense to me. That certainly can not be said right now about Denver.

Thanks @zdhaugen

I’d go Bengals… I feel the Philly / Dallas game will be a shootout.

I agree. Dak has the ability to make plays. Dez Bryant and a host of other receivers can still catch the ball from Dak and, with the line getting healthy, Dallas can still have an effective (maybe not explosive) running game from Alfred Morris.

Denver, on the other hand, has Brock at the helm. While he may always live life to it is fullest, he certainly isn’t doing the same from the QB perspective.