What defense for week 7 (stream options)

I have the panthers now, thinking about picking up Cleveland or Indy.

Any other suggestions ? TIA

Indy at home. 40 point O/U. 6 Point favorite. Backup QB and it’s Peterman. Indy actually looks good

Jets are still widely available and have been scoring surprisingly well. Though they are playing MIN.

I’d take them or Indy over Cleveland personally.

I don’t think I’d want the Jets next week. Minnesota is a strong offense behind Kirk Cousins. I agree that Indy looks good though. That’s whole I’m going to try and grab. I currently have Baltimore who I don’t really want to play against the Saints lol.

But can we really trust the Colts D? I understand going after the Bills offense, I’m just nervous that the Colts defense could be worse than that offense lol

What all is floating around for you?

Underrated D. As a stream? Against A beat up rookie or the worst QB in NFL history. Pick6 guaranteed.

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That D isn’t as bad as previous years. If you lol at them this year they’re not that bad for fantasy purposes. Plus you have the #1 defensive player in all of Football helping you to your weekly victory as you watch him make horrible mistake after mistake. Lol

I would try to get the LA Chargers D this week, playing against Titans who were scoreless last week and offense has been horrible all season…

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What team are you referring to?

Bingo. Chargers v Titans is a nice matchup.

Chargers are already taken, still waiting to make a move. You guys here about the browns reaching out to bowman? Khalil and bowman sounds pretty interesting