What did I just do?

I’m 4-0, leading in points and just made the following trade:

Keenan Allen/Howard/Ingram/Gates

Did I just destroy my team or did I win this trade?

Destroy is a strong word…

To put it on a scale, i’d rate it 6 - 4. you being the 4 and him being the 6.

You lost the trade, but your season isn’t over

Hyde >>J.Allen
Landry and Howard wash out
Michel and Ingram wash out
Kittle >>>Gates

In my opinion

You lost

Is that Buck Allen or Keenan Allen?

If it’s Buck Allen I agree with the other 2, but if it’s Keenan Allen it’s not a bad trade. You get a WR1, a fringe RB1, & a potential RB1/RB2. You lost the Tight End swap.

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I was thinking Buck Allen… Def does change if it’s Keenan.

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haha i assumed it was keenan, and i still think he lost the trade.

If it’s Buck? he got assimilated lol


For sure if it’s Buck Allen I agree. But just going position by position:

Keenan > Landry
Howard > Hyde
Ingram/Michel are close
Gates < Kittle

I’d say it’s a pretty fair trade that can turn into a win if Gates becomes relevant.

We must get to the bottom of this… which ALLEN!!! ahhhhh

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I don’t see old fat and slow becoming relevant with big mike on the scene to take those red zone candies.

Keenan Allen not Buck Allen. Change anything for you?

barely lost it, but still lost it.

Its not terrible, but the slight upgrade at WR doesn’t feel worth it for the wash’s at RB with a TE downgrade

Also should add it’s a 1RB league so Howard and Ingram are behind Saquon

and i personally like the potential of Michele over the questions marks surrounding j howard, but thats just my 2 cents

…a 1 RB league? that even exists?

then yeah, i suppose its fine in that case, you still lost the TE though

For sure I lost at TE. Instant regret there. But the ceiling for the guys I got feels a lot higher than the guys I gave up. Carlos Hyde isn’t going to score a TD every week

This trade isn’t as bad as people are making it sound… Keenan Allen is better than Landry(although he does have juicy matchups coming), I would rather have Howard all day over Hyde(are you in love with the Browns?), Ingram should be better than a Pats RB(or atleast more consistent), but I would rather have Kittle than Gate… only time will tell

Give me the juice side. Love Landry but in my eyes, Hyde/Howard are a wash, Michel > Ingram by a lot, Kittle > Gates by MILE. Gates isn’t even worth rostering tbh. So you win on the WR side although landry’s slate of matchups is still juicy AF but lose on all 3 other components, and lose depth.

Also personally, I think Michel is a league winner.

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I think Ingram is going to be HUGE. But I would take kittles and and Hyde and Landry all day long.

I like the guys you gave up better, but not a slam dunk. I would not say you destroyed yourself (or any other strong wording :wink: ) but I am not sure you helped yourself. Slight decrease at most, lateral at best IMHO