What do I accept for Howard?

So I have Jordan Howard and I’ve been offered the following trades for him:

Howard for Boyd
Howard for Njoku
Howard for D.Jax
Howard for Funchess

Should I take any of these? What am I looking to get from Howard? Here’s my team right now: (standard scoring)

RB: Mixon, Michel, Breida, Chubb, Mack, Cohen, Howard
WR: AB, Hopkins, Landry, Golladay
TE: Ertz

Wow, sick team man. I honestly wouldn’t want any of them actively. But if you’re understandably fed up with Howard and just want to kick him to the curb, I’d do it for Boyd or Funchess. with your team overall though, I still wouldn’t do any of these and would rather wait and see how the split progresses between he and Cohen.

I got an offer of Baldwin as well. Also, I think it’s funny to point out that i trade Boyd away lol

Haha I’d take Boyd tbh out of all those. But also ya idk if you need a WR. And I think Howard’s value could only go up if you wait a little longer.

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I agree with this. Boyd is the only value that comes close to me, especially cuz you don’t need a tight end. But I don’t think you need Boyd, so I would hold onto the running back (more valuable) and hope for a bounce back soon.

I was considering the njoku option for Ertz bye which is coming up in two weeks, but there’s also no Immediate rush on that

Yeah, that could end up making the most sense in the context of your team actually, but agree you should prob wait it out a bit. Howard is supposed to be good enough to fetch like Ertz or even better on his own. Hopefully he can start playing that way again asap. NE defense could be a good starting point.

I’d do it for njoku either bye week or potential injury down the road. Boyd honestly would be my only other consideration.

Boyd does have increasingly strong trade value so you at least wouldn’t lose this in a worst case if you did do that trade. Hell maybe it’s worth cashing in on Howard now before it’s potentially too late.

I think I’m gna do it for Boyd tbh

Can’t argue with that at all. Should serve you well in one way or another

Any other opinions on this? Got the Boyd deal on the table right now

Boyd for sure

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I’m leaning towards it because after this week and the next I think Boyd will have high value to flip… I just find it funny that I traded Boyd in the first place lol

I like funchess because on the second half of the season he plays TB twice, ATL, PIT… so he could be a nice flex (i have Landry to flex for the next few weeks in great matchups)… but Boyd is also proving to be a top guy and overall better than funchess

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I would get boyd back. You have a solid WR group so it never bothers to make to keep stacking it. And if boyd’s Value rises trade him again for a solid RB to add

Seems the consensus is boyd