What do I do? Do I trade for a stud WR?

In my 10 team standard league I have Saquon Barkley, Kareem hunt, Christian McCaffrey and James Connor. I can only play 3 Rbs and i hate that I have to bench one of them
My recievers are Adams, Sanders and Aghalor. I can only start 2 WRs
I did lose Olsen however
I’m thinking I should trade either cmc or hunt for a stud WR to lineup next to Adams. And if leveon comes back soon I still have jamaal Williams, Sony Michel and Adrian Peterson on my bench
What should I do #footclan?

People will be scared off of hunt because of week one, his trade capital will likely be low. This would be a time to trade for him not to trade him. I’d go CMC for sure. Connor might end up being the “win your league” player this year but I’m sure you’re already smelling that. Either that or Barkley and maybe a small package for someone like AB or Julio, like a real week in week out stud.

If there is someone in your league with stacked WRs but poor RB depth I would try a 2 RB for 1 Stud WRdeal…it really depends on the other teams’ rosters.

Could also consider selling Conner really high and see if you can get someone to bite on a Conner for a stud WR 1 for 1. But yes, you would risk trading away the potential league winner, or if Bell comes back soon, you got a steal.

I ended up trading Connor and Jared cook for gronk


Sick. That’s an ideal outcome.

Excellent buy low on Gronk!