What do I do with a Stewart?

Jonathan Stewart has been riding my bench all season long and been doing Absolutely Nothing there but taking up a spot! Is Stewart droppable? Does he have any value in the trade market left? Or do I need to wait and see if he can make a comeback?

I already dropped him myself.

He’s completely TD dependent at this point, so I think at most he’s a flex play in a good matchup. If you have depth and a better opportunity off the waiver wire, then drop away.

I just dropped in both leagues I had him in for waiver RBs. He hasn’t done anything since week 1. His value was mostly on the idea that Mcaffrey would struggle running but both have. So unless Mcaffrey goes down due to injury i doubt we see any value out of J. Stew this year.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the input.

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