What do i do with Alvin Kamara

I got Ty Johnson and Jamaal Williams starting. Reports have come out that Kamara was seen without a brace at practice. If he plays, should i play him? If so, who do i sit?

Hmm. I’d start Kamara if he is active because he is your elite player. I’d rather lose with my elite player starting than have him sit on the bench. After that, its more difficult and I’d use the FFer’s start/sit tool.


Thanks for your reply!! I Appreciate any input. The sit/start tool has Ty over Jamaal, so if Kamara starts I know the way to go. I also was leaning towards that. You always start your studs.

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Ty will get the majority of the work for Detroit. Williams will always be up and down so I would never play him unless absolutely necessary. Kamara looking like he’ll play and Brees might be back too. Win win.

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