What do I do with Conner?

after that performance… are you guys trying to ship him out asap for the right value or are you guys hanging on hoping Bell gets traded? Neither of the teams I have him on need the RB help to win games now… so if I hang on to him I’ll eventually be screwed even if Bell holds out his maximum 10 weeks. Do I try to gouge a team with awful RBs and try to get a stud like Gronk or do I just hang on… thoughts?

I think with all the hype surrounding him, you trade him for max value to someone who needs him & get a less controversial/ equally productive player

If you can get Gronk for Conner plus another player, man I’d do that deal all day.

Most people will realize he is just a temporary starter so if you can get any full year value do it.
I doubt you can get a Gronk caliber player, but someone in the Jordan Howard range maybe. Amari cooper. Someone like that

It really depends. Bell owner? Charge them high for security. Otherwise, try for a low end RB1/ WR1

I’d do it for Howard but the Howard owner is a bears fan starting 5 bears in his starting line up so I dont see that happening lol… as for cooper… my WRs are AB, TY, Diggs, Sanders, Edelman, K.Cole… I dont see a situation where I start cooper, even if he miraculously learned how to play football. Guy is trash and we keep hoping year after year he learned how to run routes and catch (2 important parts of playing WR in the NFL) and he just never does. If he finally, after years, breaks out, then he breaks out… but it won’t be happening on any of my teams