What do I do with D. Freeman and D. Cook?

Well well well, I am 1-4 and my other RBs are Yeldon, Breida and Foreman. The injuries on my RB just cost me 2 games. So what do I do with these two guys? Try to trade for somebody good (maybe zeke, bell or Gurley?), while I don’t know if one of the guys would do that. I could also stick with them or go for two other RBs…

If I were you I’d go for a guy that doesnt have so much name value like Sony michel


I have both of these guys and can tell you that I haven’t been able to package either of them for any tier one players. I’m hoping freeman gets more work but him and Cook have been dead weight thus far. If you want to package them, you’re going to need a third player who is healthy and has been getting decent points week-to-week, but I think the reputation both players have regarding their health has brought their value lower than it should be.

So, if I could get Michel and juju, would that be a good deal?

Yes, you need wins now and those guys will win you weeks.

Agreed. Cook would probably be your best bet for them being that he was a full participant in practice today

This is sooo tough, cause both would be the Rb1 in their backfields…