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What do I do with Diggs...? 1/2 PPR PPFD league


IDK what to do, I am going to bench Diggs for Tarik Cohen in the flex from this point forward… Is getting to point of being droppable? Would anyone in their right mind accept him as part of a trade for a WR1?


Lol, no. Diggs is not to the point of being droppable. He usually shines when the game is a shootout so i believe you need to choose when to play him if you have other options you want to use. Im actually glad these kind of posts are coming up, I’m about to go try and grab him.


Because Diggs is epic when you know how to use him. i had him on a championship roster last year and he was awesome. I actually am looking to acquire him in 2 leagues.


So is next week the Vikings are hosting New Orleans, who can score on anyone. Is this a good time to use him? What about any of the NFC North matchups? Or just wait to listen to the talking heads talk about “barn burner” games to then roll him out?

That is an interesting take on him; he’s really talented but is not even second fiddle to Thielen…


Did you watched the game yesterday ? He had 14 targets FOURTEEN. Im holding diggs. Each time cousins targeted diggs his passes were off. It Will click sooner than later.


Only saw bits and pieces in Red Zone. The targets I did see looked awful. 14 targets is great, I guess you’re right that things should click sooner or later…


Next week against Saints will be an awesome time to play him. Targets are a very broad metric so you’d have to watch the game to get a more complete picture. Over/under thrown passes, drops, ball in his general area all go towards that target count.


I watched the Vikings highlights this morning and Cousins had a stinker of a game really. Maybe blame the wind and the weather but he threw some awful balls to Diggs which put him on the immediate back foot with defenders closing in.
Cousins will not be as bad going forward and Diggs will be better for it.
As a Diggs owner I wish Cousins would look his way more often for Red Zone looks, but it’ll come I believe.


Just rewatched the game winning catch against Saints last year. Now I definitely feel hyped about getting him this week.