What do I do with Ekeler now that Gordon might come back earlier?

So What do I do with Ekeler now that reports are coming out saying Gordon is going to report sooner than we thought…

My RBs are= Kamara, Fournette, Montgomery, Ekeler, Singletary, Thompson… Ill be good if he loses playing time… But What do I do with him now… Should I try and cash in on him now or hold out and see what happens with Gordon?

Half point PPR League

your best bet is to give him to the gordon owner but your value is going to be low. You should have been trying to buy gordon this whole time.

Easier said than done… The gordon owner is “One of those guy” when you try to trade with him… He’s extremely unreasonable and really has nothing on his team worth trading for

I know how those guys are…keep Ekeler - you see how they use him with Gordon there and could be a good Flex play IF Gordon returns to his role.

Yeah Im wondering when Gordon comes back will Ekeler be the Danny Woodhead now kinda thing… Woodhead was always useful in PPR