What do i do with gurley?

Full PPR
I have GURLEY CMC and CHUBB with CARSON on the bench. With these RBs do I just sit GURLEY , play CARSON and forget about it! What do you ya’ll think

I would. I know people are saying if Gurley plays then you lock him in, but Carson is in a good spot and I’d be waaaaay more comfortable playing him.

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Sit gurley…you have more than capable RB’s to fill in. Yes you want your monster RB to play but one thing goes wrong and he sits and earns you zero pts. Go safe with RBs you have that don’t have a questionable tag attached to them. Good luck

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Thanks guys

I have the same problem, my starting running backs are Gurley Mac and D. Williams/ S. Ware With Jamaal on my bench

Can i start Jamal over gurley? Would any of you be comfortable with that? 10 Team Standard league.

They’re saying hes playing should we play him and hope for 20 pts or take the "full game workload " with our backups