What do I do with Melvin Gordon?

I got stuck holding the Melvin Gordon bag this year. His contract is done after this season and I doubt he’ll get a full starting job after this season. When is the best time to trade him and what would be a reasonable value for him? Should I try to deal him after his first big game this year? The league is a full PPR, superflex league. I am not in the best position to contend this year.

I’d hope that he gets the majority of early season work and his value temporarily improves then look to get what you can. I think perhaps incorrectly that he will probably be the lead back until broncos bye if no injuries


I’m not sure what your team looks like or what position needs you have obviously but if you can swap with the Javonte Williams owner I believe that would be your best bet.

Everyone values the rookies very high after the yearly rookie draft. You might as well capitalize on that mentality and give them piece of mind for a high value depth piece. The Javonte Williams owner will be excited about wrapping up the Denver RB room for themselves. You get better depth preparation for next year’s run while they receive an more settled RB situation for the 2021 season.

Agree that the most value you’re going to get is going to be from the Javonte owner. Try to unload now. Otherwise, Broncos get the Jaguars in Week 2, so if he goes off, you might have a shot there as well.