What do I do with my dynasty team?

What do I do at 1.01 and 1.02? Take best available? Force a RB?

12 team .5 PPR QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 2 WRT, D/ST

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Derek Carr

RB: Kenyan Drake, Marlon Mack, Kareem Hunt, Lesean McCoy, Jamaal Williams, Donta Foreman

WR: Courtland Sutton, Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, Tyler Lockett, Jamison Crowder, Marquise Goodwin, DeDe Westbrook, Josh Reynolds

TE: Dallas Goedert, David Njoku, Matt Lacosse

DEF: Car, Mia

2019 1.01 1.02, 1.07, 2.02
2020 1st, 3x 3rd, 4th

With 4 picks in the first 14 i’d take the best players.

Team doesn’t appear to be awful, WR are mostly all young but unproven.

Gonna need to see where players end up before you can settle on how valuable they will be next year.

Maybe you go WR, RB, WR, TE with the 4 picks, not sure how long TE stays on board this year with the hype they are getting predraft.

This year is different than the last couple because there were really good RB classes last 2 years and this year is WR draft, but they take longer to pay off

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I agree @SmokinJ
I would also look to trade Rodgers or Cam and a guy like Drake or Mack for an upgrade at RB. I would only make this trade once Cam is cleared and healthy; I assume he will be soon.
Example trade:
Rodgers and Drake for Cousins and Freeman

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