What do I do with my team? No one will trade with me

Greetings all.

Need some general advice on what do with my team to try and make a push for the playoffs. 10 team league 0.5 ppr (qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, flex, flex, and 5 Bench). Currently sitting 2-5 so need to make wins happen quickly if I have a shot at playoffs.

Trying to trade Howard and the best potential offer I’ve received is John Brown. Ebron apparently carries no value in my league. With no interest in any of players in my league I’m lost on what I can potentially do to improve my team.

If you were in my shoes what moves would you be trying to make?

QB: K Cousins
RB: A Kamara
RB: J Howard
WR: Diggs
WR: S Shepard
TE: E Ebron
Flex: K Drake
Flex: C Thompson
D: Pittsburgh D

B: D Lewis
B: M Goodwin
B: E Engram
B: K Barner
B: Chargers D

I would try and sell Kamara for RB2 and a WR2