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What do I do with Reed?


I have davis, who I benched for Reed. But it looks like he is clearly the better TE this year. Do I hold them both for now and see who pans out? or do I drop or try to trade reed? I took him around the 5th round so this is frustrating. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


yeah i’m in the same boat as you


It sucks, its almost not rational to drop him because of his draft position. I really feel like he’s been a huge detriment to my roster this year.


When you compare him to all the other TE’s points in the league he’s not worth dropping, he’s putting up average numbers


You’re right, but I’m not confident he’s gonna play in all the remaining games, so I’ll have to carry 2 TE on my roster taking up a bench spot. I mean, it’s too soon to give up now, but decisions will have to be made in the near future, and he doesn’t make it easy. Plus Davis has been putting up far better numbers than reed.


I have Davis too but no matter what week it is I won’t be able to start Davis over Reed it just won’t feel right


I lost tonight by a single point and I had Davis on the bench… fml