What do I do with Saquon?

I would be trading Kamara.

Rest of team? In a vacuum, its a tough call because Jacobs has an unpredictable ceiling being on a bad offense and Boyd is consistent but won’t explode; plus, his value might drop with AJ Green coming back

Dynasty or redraft? PPR or non PPR? Starting lineup requirements? How many teams?

I don’t care what the scoring format or league size is, I have a hard time giving up Kamara for that package.

And I like Jacobs a lot & Boyd is obviously productive. I just need more for a consistently productive RB - both rushing & receiving. I think he proved that again this weekend.

Ended up trading AK41 and Royce Freeman for Jacobs, Boyd and Zach Ertz

Pleased with this deal.

Depends if you have a solid RB2 on your team and how your WRs look. If you need wr help and have a good RB2. Trade is appealing

I mean that’s 3 starting fantasy players. It’s not terrible at all.