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What do I do with SHADYYYYYYY!


It was scary watching Zeke do absolutely nothing against Denver. What to do, what to do…

RB: Marshawn Lynch, Shady McCoy, Tarik Cohen, James White
WR: Julio Jones, T. Hill, D. Parker, E. Sanders, JJ Nelson, Chris Hogan, Kenny G

Starting roster
RB1: Shady
RB2: Beastmode
WR1: Julio Jones
WR2: T. Hill
FLX: E. Sanders



I have a very similar team except i have howard/cohen along with Shady. I have been shopping him to see what I can get for him, and it hasnt been appealing. He plays Denver this week so I dont think we should expect a giant leap in his fantasy points. But after this week his schedule gets significantly easier. So Im a proponent of the hold on to him and see what he can do. We drafted him early for a reason.