What Do I Do With These Names?

Oh my god has OBJ fallen and Joe Mixon been behind the worst line of all time. What do I do with those players? Are they still WR1 and RB2 worthy? Do I trade them for names like DJ Chark, or Kerryon Johnson? Is Melvin Gordon a Target? What the best moves?

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I have mixon and NOBODY in my league wants him… I cant trade him for anything worth a shit… I imagine OBJs value is plummeting too. You may be stuck with them

We are stuck with OBJ man, people will trade him for change.

I have Mixon to and I’m loosing sleep trying to figure out what to do with him lol, he had a nice game last week so maybe you can try and shop him or even package deal him for someone like Kerryon while his value is “high”, as for obj he might be worth waiting because people will be trying to buy him super low imo

if you can get someone like Chark for OBJ then 100% pull trig on that.