What do I do with this team to get outta 0-3?

Standard 6pt TD league. Thought I drafted well, but clearly not. Who should I trade away and for what?

Qb: Dak, Cam
WR: Hopkins, Mike Williams, MVS, Robby Anderson
RB: Damien Williams, Sanders, Singletary, Penny, Gore
TE: Kittle

Thoughts? $50 weekly winner for highest points so I def need to make a change. Thanks Footclan

It’s easier to mine waivers than make a trade. Would be my first goal of the week. Whose on waivers?

You can use WR/RB and TE help.

Otherwsie… Sell MVS high. Drop Cam.

Issue is its a 14team league and waivers are literally bone dry.

I’m in a 16 team dynasty with 24 players per team and I just picked up Devin Smith and Darrell Williams. There is always someone. Could pair Cam with MVS.

Ive been playing around with it all day but should I even consider trading Hopkins for 2 WR and Kittle for an RB or vice versa?

If you can sell Kittle for ADP value, feel free. I doubt anyone will be willing to pay that.

I would keep Hopkins. Can’t sell the farm and expect to win. See 2019 Dolphins.

Haha I wish I could. Just stuck cause idk what else to do to get outta this damn slump. Was hoping that singletary and sanders wouldve separated themselves by now.