What do I do with Woods!?

I have Chark, Sanders, and Beasley on my bench. Do I start any of them over Woods in the flex? I know he has a juicy match-up - I guess I am just looking for reassurance.

I have Julio and Kenny G starting in the two WR spots.

Chark maybe but I think against falcons it’s got to be Woods.

depends on what you feel you need.

if you want to go with a safe, dependable play, id strongly consider starting beasley against miami. i think he could have 10+ targets.

Might not be a bad idea, especially since Brown might not be real productive with the groin issue, and that’s IF they even use him much since they probably aren’t gonna need a full arsenal vs MIA.

i think brown and beasley could both be in for a good game against miami. as of right now im planning on starting them both in separate leagues in my flex.

i think the bills should win the game fairly easily, but not so easily that they will have their backups in by the 3rd quarter. so i think its safe to play them.

also im a bills fan and i dont get the impression that john brown’s injury is that serious based on the reports ive read. but we will see. have to keep an eye on it.

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Having Brown is awesome. He’s a great pickup for what he will be worth in the near future. I barely missed out on grabbing him.

Thanks for the update. I’ve got him too and as of now have him starting. ESPN isn’t providing a lot of info just yet. :roll_eyes:

I like Woods over those guys.

Woods is due for some positive regression and has a great matchup